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Anti-Abortion Activists Are Doing Their Own Ice Bucket Challenges

The Ice Bucket Challenge has been the biggest viral-charity sensation of the year, and maybe ever — reaching its cold, wet arms all the way to George W. Bush and Anna Wintour, and raising millions of dollars for ALS research along with providing an immaculate blooper reel.

But one group is not pleased by all your Facebook videos: anti-abortion activists, who are mad that the ALS Association gives money to a group that supports stem-cell research.


Ferguson Now Calm Enough to Do Without the National Guard, Says Governor

A relatively quiet night in the town where Michael Brown was killed is promising enough for Missouri Governor Jay Nixon. "I greatly appreciate the men and women of the Missouri National Guard for successfully carrying out the specific, limited mission of protecting the Unified Command Center so that law enforcement officers could focus on the important work of increasing communication within the community, restoring trust, and protecting the people and property of Ferguson," he said in a statement Thursday afternoon. "As we continue to see improvement, I have ordered the Missouri National Guard to begin a systematic process of withdrawing from the City of Ferguson."


A Tech Start-Up Just Restored My Faith in Humanity

The email inbox of a tech writer is a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade of garbage — thousands of pitches for ill-conceived, duplicative, morally bankrupt, or otherwise useless companies that, 19 times out of 20, have no larger bearing on the world. A shovel-sharing start-up. The 347th disappearing-photo-sharing app. A Kickstarter to fund Google Glass for cats. Recently, with things like Yo and Push for Pizza actually taking off, the tech industry has seemed almost competitively dumb, with companies falling over themselves to seek attention by appealing to the lowest common denominator.

And then, once in a long while, you come across something that reminds you that, yes, Silicon Valley is still doing some very worthwhile things.


The Official Shirt of Boyfriends Has Its Own Instagram

Your boyfriend has this shirt. My boyfriend has this shirt. Your best friend’s boyfriend has this shirt. Your ex-best friend’s ex-boyfriend has this shirt. Your sister’s boyfriend has this shirt. Your across-the-hall neighbor’s boyfriend has this shirt. The girl who lent you a hair tie at the gym’s boyfriend has this shirt. That dude whom LinkedIn keeps emailing you about due to incessant job promotion's boyfriend has this shirt. Your friend who never has cash’s boyfriend has this shirt.

annnnnnnnd..... »

The Worst Company in America Turns a Page

It’s hard to think of a big business that has had a worse six-year run than Bank of America.

In 2008, it purchased Countrywide and Merrill Lynch, thus becoming a major player in housing and investment banking just as the real-estate bubble collapsed and the country tipped into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Today, the Department of Justice announced that it has reached a whopping $16.65 billion civil settlement related to the bank’s mortgage shenanigans.


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