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An Easy Guide to Spring’s Best Bags

From suede and florals, to denim and buckets, we've picked our favorites from every category.

We're already a month into spring and have our uniform down, but we're still thinking about bags — whether they're big-time splurges or sensible purchases, we've searched long and hard, discerning what makes a great bag and using spring's trends to pull together a range of styles we love and that make sense for the season. From Prada's top-stitched day bag to Saint Laurent's fringed suede stunner and Valentino's chic bucket, click through to see our top choices available right now.

A (Highly Subjective) Definitive Guide to Curl Maintenance

One woman offers her hard-won wisdom.

If you have curly hair, your life is ruled by constant uncertainty. Each shower, each nap, each night, each journey into the outside world: Everything could change everything. Any duration of time and any interaction with physical matter (a pillow, a hat, liquids of all sorts) could transform your whole system. You never know how things are going to go. 

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Alex Katz Created a 60-Foot Mural for Barneys

Art lovers, consider a stroll down Madison Avenue.

Alex Katz has immortalized Christy Turlington and Kate Moss in his signature flat, cutout style and contributed a custom painting for an Anna Wintour fashion shoot for New York in 1983, and now, the painter has embarked on yet another fashion-world project. He has produced a capsule collection with Barneys and the Art Production Fund for summer 2015, consisting of everything from a $28 water bottle to a $3,995 limited-edition portfolio of his work.

To promote the collab, Katz painted a custom mural, which is freshly installed in the store's windows. The 8-foot-tall, 60-foot-wide black-and-white painting depicts Yvonne Force Villareal and Doreen Remen, the co-founders of the Art Production Fund, APF Director Casey Fremont, Katz’s longtime muse and wife, Ada, and muse Elizabeth McAvoy. The mural will be up through the 14th of June.

"I’ve learned that art moves just like fashion," the painter told the Cut. »
  • Today at 3:58 PM

The British Press Are Being Rather British Regarding Sarah Lucas’s Massive Penis Art in Venice

Sarah Lucas, still a YBA after all these years, representing England at the Venice Biennale, filled her country's pavilion with some rather naughty stuff.

Much of the chatter at the 56th Venice Biennale, which opens this week, seems to be related to the British pavilion, which features works by that great YBA — always a YBA, but 53 this year, and living in the country — Sarah Lucas. It’s very much in the spirit of her practice, as there is a lot of genitalia. The phallic sculptures stretch toward the sky, the naked halves of white bodies flail around, and there are cigarettes sticking out of the anuses and vaginas. It looks like fun!

Is that a Sarah Lucas in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me? »

Chlamydia Hits High School With No-Sex-Ed Policy

Immaculate infection.

Last week, the Crane Independent School District in West Texas sent a letter home to parents. But instead of detailing prom dress codes or providing graduation information, the letter warned about a chlamydia outbreak. While it’s unsurprising that students wouldn’t know how to protect themselves from STDs in a district where abstinence is taught in lieu of comprehensive sex ed, the news was met with shock.

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  • Today at 3:07 PM

Bearded Men Defend Themselves Against Poop Accusations

“I promise I do not have poop on my face." 

After the news broke that beards are probably full of germs, soup leftovers, and fecal particles, some Brooklyn men would like to respond. Hey, hey, wait, they're saying. Not ALL beards. "Page Six" spoke to several of Brooklyn’s maligned hirsute brothers, who had a lot to say in defense of their alleged poop beards. A sampling:

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Ask Polly: Can I Cut Off My Mother-in-Law?

Treating her like an enemy will only make you miserable.

Dear Polly,

I'm having some '90s-sitcom-grade mother-in-law problems. Well, it's recently become more like a Lifetime movie a sitcom, because she slapped my husband.

The sitcom part: She's controlling, she wants to have a say in everything that goes on in her three grown kids' lives, she is emotionally manipulative and demanding, she has a victim mentality, she is narcissistic, she is obsessed with her grandkids (two of which are ours, a toddler and an infant), she has moderate drug and alcohol dependencies, she is abrasive and domineering. I have over the course of our marriage endeavored to work through all this and focus on the good parts. There are a few of them: She loves our kids and is fun, if overbearing, with them. Okay, there are two of them.

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Net-a-Porter Gets Into the Social Network Game

The Net Set launches next week.

After coining "Net-a-Sporter" last year for its athleisure offering, Net-a-Porter is putting forward another neologism with its social network, the Net Set, which launches a week from today. The name comes from a hashtag that customers were using to showcase their new purchases on Facebook and Instagram, and the network promises to be a more formalized version of that casual sharing of style.

"Digital innovation doesn't stand still and neither do we," founder Natalie Massenet told Wallpaper. The Net Set will work on iPads, iPhones, and even the Apple watch, and will be invitation-only. Its members can curate their own images in an Instagram-like feed; The Net Set's image-recognition functionality will then suggest "style matches" that coordinate with those picks. And instead of friends or followers, users collect "admirers."

Social commerce is nothing new, but Net-a-Porter does boast a built-in, loyal user base. »
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Rihanna’s Met Dress Designer Likes All Those Pizza Memes

"If people find [the dress] interesting and funny, I think it's great." 

Last night, MAC Cosmetics threw an exclusive dinner to fete its upcoming collaboration with Chinese haute couture designer Guo Pei — and to celebrate Rihanna's showstopping Met Gala turn in her design, also known as the dress that sparked a thousand memes and pizza orders. Of the dress, Guo Pei explained, "Rihanna and her team really wanted to follow this year's Met Gala theme, so they were looking for a Chinese designer. She first saw it online and then contacted me." The dress came from a royalty-inspired collection three years ago called A Thousand and Two Nights, and took two years to make (and originally included a matching corset and shoes, which Rihanna did not wear).

Guo Pei originally worried that the dress would be too heavy for Rihanna to wear (it weighs a rumored 55 pounds), but, as she put it, "She wore it really well, proving that she is Rihanna and the dress was meant for her." Of the growing pizza and omelette memes the dress has inspired, Pei laughed and said, "I think it’s really cute! I’m very happy. This dress is very important — if people find this dress interesting and funny, I think it’s great. Rihanna is wearing this dress for entertainment — not for a fashion show."

Click through the slideshow to see the guests at last night's party, including Liu Wen, Adam Selman, and Pat Cleveland.

Courrèges Hires a Young French Design Duo

The brand tapped the designers behind critically acclaimed label Coperni Femme.

Courrèges, the French brand known for its space-age aesthetic, has a design team at the helm for the first time since the company was sold in 2011. Women's Wear Daily reports that Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, the young designers behind the label Coperni Femme, have been hired and will show their first collection in Paris this coming season, for spring 2016. The duo are LVMH prize finalists and ANDAM winners for their work at Coperni, but will pause their work on the label to focus on Courrèges.

The brand is doubling down on youth. »

Sheryl Sandberg: ‘The World Is Better for the Years My Beloved Husband Lived’

The Facebook COO shared her first public statement since her husband Dave Goldberg's sudden death.

Dave Goldberg, the CEO of SurveyMonkey and the husband of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, passed away suddenly last week after suffering a traumatic head wound while on vacation in Mexico. Sandberg has stayed quiet since his tragic death, but on Tuesday night she posted a moving tribute to him on her Facebook page.

Mitski on Being an Emotional Loser and ‘Giving a Shit’

The singer of ‘Townie’ talks about supporting other female musicians, being an Asian-American woman on the punk scene, and more.

Name: Mitski

Real Name: Mitski Miyawaki

Age: 24

Single to Hear:  “I Don’t Smoke”

Video to Watch: “Townie”

Where You'll See Her This Summer: On her national headline tour with Elvis Depressedly and Eskimeaux, from May 8 to July 18.

Hometown: Brooklyn

Twitter: @mitskileaks 

Instagram: @mitskileaks  

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  • Art

The Bromance of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat

An in-progress play explores the unplumbed depths of the two artists' fraught relationship. Was it actually just romance?

In a theater seating a few dozen on a stage crowded with spare canvases and Campbell’s Soup cans stuffed with paintbrushes, Andy Warhol, played by actor Ira Denmark in all black and a white wig, argued with Jean-Michel Basquiat, played by Calvin Levels in a slouching suit. “You kept avoiding me like I was some kind of street urchin,” Basquiat tells his idol turned mentor of his early days selling postcards in the East Village and haunting the Factory lobby.

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A Cool Choker to Dress Up Your Spring Look

Can't go wrong with shiny.

More often than not, there are those weekday mornings you just want to throw on the first thing your hand touches. Which, if your closet is properly Kondo-ed, means that you'll be wearing something that sparks joy. But should your outfit need a tiny extra push, try this Janna Conner necklace. With smooth marble ends and a thin gold band, it's a twist on a choker that can dress up any neckline. Try it with a classic white crew-neck tee, or pair it with a black dress for an easy evening look.

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  • Stats

The U.S. Is Still a Terrible Place for Maternal Health

And other facts from a new report on mothers and children worldwide.

Today, Save the Children released their 16th annual State of the World’s Mothers (SotWM) report. It includes the group's 2015 Mothers Index Rank, which uses five indicators to score countries around the world from safest (Norway) to most dangerous (Somalia) for mothers and their children. The U.S., which has a notoriously high maternal mortality rate, slid two positions, coming in 33rd and performing worse than any developed country in the world in maternal health.

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