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Why The Bachelorette Wasn’t ‘Slut-Shamed’

And it's harmful to say so.

Last night, someone in your Twitter feed probably informed you that Andi Dorfman, star of this season's The Bachelorette, is a slut. Or that she was slut-shamed by a contestant she'd rejected. Both reactions popped up readily on social media during the franchise's first honest — if short —discussion of sex. Neither are true. Both are disturbing. 

ABC has aired 10 seasons of The Bachelorette and 18 seasons of The Bachelor since 2002. The franchise has so penetrated our national consciousness that even if you’ve staunchly abstained from watching, you know the vernacular. You may not know what the right reasons are, but you know that contestants best be there for the right reasons. You may never have seen the moment when two consenting adults on an all-day date “discover” a card written by host Chris Harrison inviting them to, if they choose, forgo their individual hotel rooms and stay as a couple in the Fantasy Suite. But you definitely know what’s goes on in the Fantasy Suite. We all do.

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How to Commit a Felony Using Nothing But Mascara

Check out this evil, beautiful teen genius.

A Missouri teenager was charged with first-degree property damage, a felony, after smearing mascara on the windows and mirrors of a car at the Chesterfield Jewish Community Center. “The way it was parked made her angry,” police said in court documents, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The white Infinity's owner said the young woman scratched the windshield and driver’s-side window in the process —causing $3,000 in damage — and left a note. “How about you park your car like a normal person,” it said. “Also, left you some presents in your gay car!” For more evidence of the teen vandal's mascara skills, click through her mugshot, which features a single, perfect, black Lauren Conrad tear.

Who’s Ready for a Sour-Milk Clothing Line?

Clothes you can eat with strawberries. 

There's a new reason why leggings are becoming more and more expensive: The materials they're made out of are getting fancy. Today, the New York Times reports on the new wave of high-tech workout gear, including Kevlar leggings (encase your buns of steel in material that blocks bullets and butt-sweat) and, strangely, German sour-milk clothing made out of a thread called Qsilk, which is resistant to bacteria and fire. Founder Anke Domaske tries to explain how they work:

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Etsy’s Phase 2 Involves Brick-and-mortar Stores

The company isn't opening any stores itself, though.

Etsy did $1.35 billion in sales last year, but the massive platform isn't stopping there. Racked reports that the company is rolling out a series of new initiatives. While it remains firmly committed to all things crafty and twee (CEO John Dickerson's office features "perfectly arranged succulents and geode coasters"), Etsy has made a publicity push that includes airing TV commercials (in the U.K.) and debuting subway ads (in Toronto). But perhaps the biggest news is the company's wholesale platform, currently in beta. The new venture will allow Etsy's scores of sellers — 850,000 active shops, at last count — to mass-market their work to stores like West Elm and Nordstrom, as well as a host of independent boutiques.

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Daria Werbowy Had Fun With Wigs for Equipment Ad

We can still recognize you, Daria.

Looks like Louise Parker isn't the only snap-happy model out there. Daria Werbowy — who's an avid Instagrammer and aspiring photographer — turned the camera on herself for Equipment's new campaign. Using a variety of wigs and getups, the model transformed herself in each shot (besides the mullet above, she also sports a platinum pixie and a bowl cut). Why someone with the most enviable hair around wants to disguise themselves Cindy Sherman–style is beyond us, but Werbowy's photography abilities are, without a doubt, very impressive.

‘Like Seeing a Ghost’: Wasted, 15 Years Later

Talking to Marya Hornbacher about her still-controversial eating-disorder memoir.

Marya Hornbacher developed bulimia at 9, anorexia at 14, and cycled in and out of eating-disorder clinics and hospitals until, weighing 52 pounds at age 18, she was told she wouldn’t live longer than a week. Somehow she did, chronicling her descent into disordered eating and recovery from it in the 1998 best-selling memoir Wasted. Since then, Wasted has become something of a cult classic amongst eating-disorder memoirs, selling more than a million copies, which are often dog-eared and passed between teenage girls. The book has also faced intense scrutiny, most recently in Kelsey Osgood’s How to Disappear Completely, which suggested that anorexia memoirs function more as a guidebook than as a deterrent.

This year, Hornbacher rereleased Wasted with a new afterword — one she says is intended to set the record straight. She spoke to the Cut in a telephone interview about her mixed feelings about the book, her response to its critics, and what it was like for a body-obsessed young woman to see pictures of herself in bookstores around the country.

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Another Bony Mannequin Yanked From Windows

Primark is the latest offender.

Looks like Twitter citizen journalism is having a good run in the fight against unrealistic-looking mannequins. The Independent reports that a shopper in Glasgow named Mel Fraser was shopping at U.K. high-street chain Primark and tweeted a picture of one particularly skinny mannequin, saying, "Dear @Primark, is it really necessary that these new mannequins have protruding ribs??" The picture rapidly went viral, with over 1,400 shares. (A similar incident occurred with La Perla and a Twitter whistleblower in New York in May; the store quickly removed the offending mannequin in response.) Primark, which has been no stranger to controversy recently — last month, multiple shoppers found notes ostensibly from sweatshop employees; the company later said the notes were a hoax— got rid of the dummy and tweeted, “The mannequin you describe will not be used in this way again.” Given that Gap and Zara have also experienced similar controversies, you have to wonder — is there a sad skinny-mannequin warehouse where they're all getting dropped off?

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Leonardo DiCaprio Is Aggressively Enjoying Summer

Fun with a Super Soaker.

Of all people on earth at this time, Leonardo DiCaprio is having the most fun. As a grown-up with a Super Soaker, he possesses the joy of an entire summer camp. His happiness is every lemonade stand, his delight is every four-leaf clover, his ecstasy is every ice-cream cone with rainbow sprinkles. 

Madewell Has Some Pants-Putting-On Instructions for You

As part of their new denim offering.

After Madewell's jeans acquired a cult following last year, the company is ramping up its denim offering for fall, with 47 new styles on offer, and a new fit, the Alley Straight. "Our goal is to create pieces that are cool and unfussy — designed to be worn every day," explains the retailer's head of design, Somsack Sikhounmuong. See the video above for some instructions on how to wear the new denim, and get a chance to model your own on Madewell's social channels by uploading your photo with the hashtag #denimmadewell.

A Supermodel’s Grand Plan for Female Empowerment Involves Diets

Passionate work and eating well. 

In an interview with Marie Claire Mexico, Miranda Kerr let forth a flood of gooey, inspirational feel-good words. In the middle of this gush, Kerr buries a little hint: Just because you’re on a path to passionate female empowerment, doesn't mean you shouldn't mind your diet.

"We need to feel our best, so we should motivate each other to eat healthy and expand on things we love doing." »

Why Do Texas Feminists Hate This Pro-Choice Group?

Stop Patriarchy’s "Abortion Rights Freedom Ride" won't be welcome.

When the feminist group Stop Patriarchy held a rally outside Mississippi’s sole remaining abortion clinic last summer — as part of its cross-country Abortion Rights Freedom Ride — Mark Ruffalo supplied a moving letter of support. On the eve of this year’s Freedom Ride rerun, which will focus exclusively on Texas, Stop Patriarchy received an open letter much less friendly in nature.

“We, a united group of Texas reproductive justice activists, organizations, and nationwide allies, oppose this ‘freedom ride,’” reads a letter of concern signed by more than 100 people calling themselves Texans for Reproductive Justice. “We oppose Texas’ abortion restrictions. We also oppose Stop Patriarchy’s messaging, tactics, dishonesty, and racism.”

Published on Tumblr last week, the letter condemned Stop Patriarchy for its “lack of transparency,” “questionable tactics,” and “racist” language (comparing unwanted pregnancy to “enslavement,” co-opting civil rights language like “freedom ride”). The letter also alleged that Stop Patriarchy “undermines the work already being done in Texas by suggesting that Texans have not yet begun to fight back.”A double-negative hashtag — #fuckstoppatriarchy — ensued.

Undeterred, Stop Patriarchy will take its questionable tactics to four Texas cities starting tomorrow — the site of some of the most draconian and contested abortion restrictions in the country. There will be “speak outs,” where abortion providers and patients will testify about seeking an abortion before Roe v. Wade as well as today. And Stop Patriarchy will protest outside the headquarters of the GOP and pro-life groups, carrying bloody hangers and wearing shackles. Although Stop Patriarchy has clashed with other feminist groups in the past — notably over its anti-pornography stance — the Texas Abortion Rights Freedom Ride is by far its most controversial and highly publicized action to date. Stop Patriarchy activist Sunsara Taylor told the Cut about her unpopular mission of “revoking the pro-life movement’s cloak of morality.”

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A Silk Top That Gives You a Sexy Pajama Look

Featuring cutout lace.

Why worry about your clothes transitioning from day to night when you can just wear your silk pajamas all day? Get a (pretty sexy, admittedly) bedtime look with this French Connection silk camisole that has a lace cutout. Wear it underneath a buttoned-up blazer at the office or pair it with silk pants for an outfit that works 'round the clock. 

Lustre Silk Lace Cami, $88 at French Connection

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Lady Gaga Wore a Floor-Skimming Evening Robe

To tape her special with Tony Bennett.

A newly raven-haired Lady Gaga stepped out last night with Tony Bennett for their special Cheek to Cheek at Lincoln Center. The pop star wore a flowing black kimonolike robe — a style she's been favoring of late — with a plunging neckline and intricate silver detailing at the waist. She accessorized the look with dangling earrings, a towering bun, and, of course, octogenarian arm-candy.

See Who Showed Up at VFiles’ Second Anniversary Party

Rappers, artists, teens, and a sugar baby, to start.

In the ’90s, Liquid Sky on Lafayette Street was where the ravers shopped and schmoozed, and across the street, X-Girl, X-Large, and Supreme were where you’d find the skater kids. In that same tradition of Soho shops-that-are-more-than-shops is VFiles (12 Mercer Street), a loose offshoot of V magazine (its founder, Julie Anne Quay, is an alum of the downtown fashion fiefdom) with a 50,000-member social-media network.* On any given day you’ll find millennials mixing high fashion with Tumblr memes and ironic sportswear (think $300 SpongeBob visors by Moschino paired with SLIMANE baseball jerseys), Fuct-T-shirt-clad teens milling about, part-time models killing time between appointments, and members of VFiles’ extended “family” (stylists, musicians, photographers) who are passing through Soho. In mid-July, Yung Lean, an 18-year-old Swedish rapper, performed at the store’s second anniversary. Here’s who showed up.

This article has been corrected to show that Julie Anne Quay is the sole founder of VFiles.

*This article appears in the July 28, 2014 issue of New York Magazine.

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Photographer Christopher Williams Blends an Advertising Aesthetic With Fine-Art Photography

Christopher Williams's new MoMA retrospective includes highlights from his 35-year career. 

The photographer Christopher Williams, who has flown under the radar despite having been called “his generation’s leading Conceptualist,” is known for images that carefully blur the line between advertising and fine-art photography. In one of his famous pictures, there’s a woman with dirty feet in sheer lingerie fitted with clothing pins. In another, there are stacked Ritter Sport chocolate bars of different flavors, where the almonds, hazelnuts, and marzipan create layers of patterns. “There are lots of products in my work, but you don’t get the idea that the object is being sold,” Williams tells the Cut.

This weekend, Williams opened "The Production Line of Happiness," a retrospective at MoMA that features nearly 100 works from his 35-year career. Williams, who skates between clever photographer and conceptual wizard, has hung the entire show considerably lower than the standard height. In fact, he mounted his photos about a foot below what we’re used to seeing, “unless you’re really short,” says Williams, as he cracks a smile, “but even I have to bend over to look at these.”

"I function more as an art historian in a way, or a picture editor at a magazine ... then sometimes a traditional photographer." »

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