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Sky Ferreira's Credit Card Got Rejected at Saint Laurent

Being the face of campaign doesn't buy you a biker jacket.

Perhaps the biggest bombshell in Marisa Meltzer's bombshell-heavy Times profile of Sky Ferreira comes when the Saint Laurent face reveals that she only gets a 50 percent discount on Hedi Slimane's sweet, sweet grungy wares.

“I have a 50 percent discount worldwide. It’s pretty expensive, though. I go there and [my credit card] gets rejected, and I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, this is embarrassing.’ I didn’t tell them my name until [the shopgirl] was like, ‘You’re Sky, you’re in the ads.’ And I said, ‘This isn’t working right now, I’ll come back in an hour. I swear there’s money in there.’ ”

Yeesh. Hope she's getting a commission on that shoppable music video. But also, Hedi, couldn't you throw her a bone in the form of a biker jacket or some monogram luggage?

Hay Baths: A New Spa Treatment

Hay now.

Once upon a time, many years ago, some savvy person had the idea to wrap another person in wet, hot, dirt. This mud-wrapped person became the world's first spagoer, and an exchange of $160 later, the world's first mud bath was born. Now a resort hotel in Northern Italy is hoping for a similar game-changer with the "hay bath." Modern Farmer reports that, for $45, the Hotel Heubad will cover you in a luxurious pile of fermented hay.

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Science Says Beards Are Now Over

We're facing "peak beard": Join us in appreciating some of the greats.

Yesterday The Telegraph reported that researchers at the University of New South Wales have reached some disturbing conclusions: It seems the beard bubble may soon burst. “We may well be at peak beard,” announced professor Robert Brooks, the lead researcher on the study.

Do you hear that, everyone? Peak Beard. Peak Beard. It’s the Day After Tomorrow of facial hair! Sound the alarm! Stay indoors to avoid the stampede of beardos running to bougie neo-barbershops to get a hot shave. Buy Gillette stocks!

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Chelsea Clinton Is Pregnant!

America's version of a royal baby cometh.

America's version of a royal baby cometh. Former and potentially future first daughter Chelsea Clinton announced today that she is expecting with husband Marc Mezvinsky.

"Marc and I are very excited that we have our first child arriving later this year and I certainly feel all the better, whether it's a girl or a boy, that she or he will grow up in a world full of so many strong young female leaders. So thank you for inspiring me and inspiring future generations, including the one that we'll be lucky enough to welcome into our family later this year," she said at "No Ceilings," a women's forum at the Lower East Side Girls Club in New York City. "I just hope that I will be as good a mom to my child, and hopefully children, as my mom was to me."

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Vanessa Traina’s the Line Is Now Selling Art

The retailer is hosting a pop-up art sale.

At the Apartment, the I-wish-I-lived-there store on Greene Street operated by Morgan and Kate Wendelborn and Vanessa Traina, everything from the toothpaste in the bathroom to the Pallas tuxedos in the closet is up for grabs — with one exception. The artwork hanging on the walls has been on temporary loan — but starting today, a partnership with art-world website Artsy means that works like the Tony Scherman canvas shown above will be for sale. The full assortment (photos by Jeffrey Hoone, Werner Bischof, Chip Hooper, and Nicholas Alan Cope; drawings by Sanda Iliescu, and sculptures by Lauren Seiden) will be exhibited in the store for the next six weeks and is available for purchase at the Line, the online emporium that houses all of the Apartment's wares. Because there's nothing like a wall-size painting to go with your Mansur Gavriel bucket bag.

16 Gaps Facing Women Today

Wage gap, confidence gap, thigh gap.

It’s been a big month for gaps. Not only did Senate Republicans unite against legislation that would close America’s persistent gender pay gap, The Atlantic came out with the latest entry in the Gender Wage Gap: Actually Women’s Fault canon. Authors Katty Kay and Claire Shipman blame it on another “vast” but “particular crisis” separating the sexes: the Confidence Gap. “Compared with men, women don’t consider themselves as ready for promotions, they predict they’ll do worse on tests, and they generally underestimate their abilities,” they write. This is a big problem, considering success “correlates just as closely with confidence as it does with competence.” In other words: No, you’re not imagining it; there is definitely a man on the other side of the glass ceiling who is less qualified than you.

And even if we women were to acquire the self-esteem necessary to compete with overconfident men (Through daily affirmations? By attending all-girls sleep-away camp?), then we’d be hard-pressed to find a desirable husband who made more money than us. Or so dinosaur troll Phyllis Schlafly argued, in what the Washington Post is calling the "Husband Gap". Also, Gap Kids announced collaborations with Kate Spade and Jack Spade.

In honor of all the above (and inspired by the data-minded team at FiveThirtyEight), the Cut has ranked all the gaps, from least to most troubling.

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Now You Might Actually Be Able to Afford a Mulberry Bag

Probably not, though.

If you're salivating for one of those enormous Cara bags, maybe don't bite just yet. According Reuters, Mulberry raised its prices under its former CEO Bruno Guillon, in order to "win back customers who were upgrading to pricier brands." However, faced with competition from the makers of more affordable bags (think Michael Kors), the British heritage brand is now lowering its prices. The label is currently in a transitional period after Guillon's departure last month — not to mention cutting ties with Emma Hill, their creative director of six years, last fall. On the bright side, for us that means tax-refund-friendly bag splurges — best accessorized with owls, dogs, and cockatoos.

Jenna Lyons on the Difference Between NYC and LA

American binaries. 

Binaries like East Coast versus West Coast (pick a side now — you have to!) are ridiculous, and asking people to choose usually has an itchy vibe and results in watching those asked juggle lots of pros and cons in their heads. But sure, why not, I like hearing interesting people make choices they don't actually have to.

When asked about New York versus L.A. style by The Hollywood Reporter, Jenna Lyons answered:  

"I think here, it's a little easier to be who you are." »
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Marijuana: The Natural Viagra?

Doctors, stoners, and skeptics talk cannabis in the bedroom.

“I discovered the cure last night,” my friend Celia* announced. Ever since going on antidepressants, she’d been suffering from a common SSRI side effect: difficulty achieving orgasm. “And the cure is, wine and weed and half a tablet of Cialis.” She’d discovered it “by accident” while dating a jazz blogger who liked to toke. She needed all three components, working in concert, to achieve that which had once come naturally: “Smoking weed has always been awesome for my sex life. It makes orgasm much easier. I felt like a teenager, only I was also using a drug meant for elderly men, so I guess I felt like a retiree?” A retiree in California, I suggested, or another state where medical marijuana soothes the elderly. “Yeah, like those cool retirees you see on CNN these days,” she agreed. High and sexually enhanced — the ideal here was an aging hippie with a medical-marijuana card and a boner-pill prescription.

Doctors, stoners, and skeptics weigh in. »

Kate Spade Will Soon Elegantly Outfit Your Kids

The brand is teaming up with Gap Kids.

Picture day just got a whole lot chicer. The Los Angeles Times reports that Kate Spade and Jack Spade are the latest labels to collaborate with Gap Kids, following in the footsteps of Stella McCartney and Diane von Furstenberg. While no images or sketches have been released yet, we do know that the collection will release in November, and the pieces will be available at the retailer's stores in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., France, Hong Kong, and Japan. So get ready to see driving gloves and kicky fur wraps on the playground soon.

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12 Easy Pairs of Relaxed Denim for Spring

The skinny jean's days are numbered. 

A recent topic that has the Cut office divided: Are skinny jeans on their way out? The slim silhouette — made popular by male rock stars, Hedi Slimane, and Kate Moss — has arguably hit a tipping point. But no matter where you stand on skinny jeans, the '90s are undeniably back, and with them a relaxed, non-stretch denim silhouette (to wear with your white sneakers or pool slides).

Scott Morrison, founder and designer of 3x1, explains: "There's something extremely sexy about a woman who wears non-skinny jeans. In my lifetime, the classic definition of a 'gorgeous girl in jeans' was Brooke Shields, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, and Christy Turlington; all of [whom] wore classic 100 percent cotton or comfort-stretch denims in the '90s and most of 2000s. Straight legs, flares, and boyfriend jeans made from non-superstretch denims are all a bit looser than the modern skinny because they have to be, in order to fit correctly."  

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Sofia Coppola Guest-Edited a W Supplement

Of course she put Kirsten Dunst on the cover.

W editor-in-chief Stefano Tonchi tapped Sofia Coppola as guest editor for a special issue that will accompany the title's May edition, which was unveiled yesterday with an arresting image of Rosamund Pike on the cover. Coppola, unsurprisingly, tapped Juergen Teller to photograph her close friend and muse Kirsten Dunst for the cover of her special issue, and inside, there are contributions from high-profile friends like Cornelia Guest and Marisa Berenson. According to Tonchi, the director was very hands-on, even commandeering his desk at times. (Then again, this isn't her first time at the rodeo — Coppola has previously served as a guest editor for French Vogue.)

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Which 1 of These Chicks Is in It for the Money?

A new guideline to spotting gold diggers.

Back in a movie version of the 1920s, spotting a gold digger was so easy — what with her mink and her diamonds a-dripping, her lashes a-batting, and her cigarette in need of lighting. 

But now, such a cash seeker could be poured into some yoga pants, holding some sort of juice beverage. Of course, one lady promises she "can smell a gold digger from a mile away." Janis Spindel — the expert matchmaker with literal binders full of women and men who pay her $100,000 for her services — has five tricks for you moneyed men (and women!) to suss out the 21st-century gold diggers.

"I must date a man with a plane." »

Kate Middleton’s Shoveling Outfit Sold Out in Minutes

The versatile DVF wrap dress is currently out of stock.

This morning, in Australia, Kate Middleton embarked on day 11 of her Oceania adventure by visiting Winmalee, where she planted a Summer Red Eucalyptus tree and showed off her knees for a second day in a row. For her gardening attire, Middleton opted for a blue-and-white Diane von Furstenberg ikat-batik printed wrap dress, which she wore with her most sensible pair of footwear: her Stuart Weitzman cork wedge sandals, which, it turns out, are not only athletic enough for volleyball but also sturdy enough to shovel in.

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Best Bet: H&M Short Sequined Top


With multicolored sequins and cropped shape, this dazzling statement piece is perfect for layering under or over your high-waisted midi skirt and sandals. Wear it for a festive Sunday brunch, or layer it over a sheer flowing top and jeans for a fun look this spring. 

H&M Short Sequined Top, $40 at H&M

My Boyfriend, the Pot Farmer

He told me he worked in ‘sustainable agriculture.’

I met Nick in high school: Back then, he really liked me, but I blew him off for someone else. Fifteen years later, we reconnected at a wedding. I’d heard that in the meantime he became a professional soccer player and part-time surfer. When I saw him, I noticed he had a great body, but he didn’t seem like the professional-athlete type ... not anymore, at least. He had long hair, tattoos, a super-easy-going demeanor — basically, he seemed like he came to the wedding straight from Burning Man. I remember thinking, So, Nick is a full-blown hippie?

"Well, I grow things." »

Revisit the World of Charles James’s Opulent Ball Gowns

The inaugural Anna Wintour Costume Center show will celebrate the couturier's decadent creations.

Next month marks the inaugural show at the newly-renovated Anna Wintour Costume Center at the Met: Charles James: Beyond Fashion. The first Costume Institute show not associated with a current design label in some years (James died in 1978), the exhibit, which opens May 8, serves as a retrospective for the man considered to be America’s first couturier — and also, conveniently, the dress code theme for this year’s Met Ball.

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Here’s a First Look at Fox’s Fake Prince Harry Dating Show

Called I Wanna Marry Harry.

Recently we told you about Fox's fake Prince Harry dating show I Wanna Marry Harry, the Joe Millionaire knockoff in which 12 guileless American woman are transported to a British estate to compete for the attentions of a Prince Harry lookalike. Well, Fox released the trailer today, and it is just as ridiculous — and, in some masochistic way, enticing — as the premise would suggest. By the looks of things, some of these women actually do believe that they are dating the real Prince Harry, while some are just happy to be in England. (As one aptly puts it: "Prince Harry, Harry Potter, I don't care.") At very least, it is a terrible reflection on this country's limited access to Hello! magazine.

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