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Report: DVF Is Actively Seeking a Successor

It might be a 15-year-old.

Diane von Furstenberg always has her eye on the future. Today, The Wall Street Journal reports that the designer is actively looking for a successor. That person may be current DVF artistic director Michael Herz, who joined the company in February and whom von Furstenberg has compared to Christopher Bailey — who is, of course, both the CEO and creative director of Burberry. She's also reportedly interested in having her 15-year-old granddaughter Talita join the business side of the company, though, of course, that's much further down the road. "She's interested in the fashion industry, and she's been spending a lot of time with her grandmother," says the WSJ''s Christina Binkley. She hopes that the empire will go to her." A von Furstenberg dynasty? We like the sound of that.

Scenes From Yesterday’s ‘Carry That Weight’ Protests

Mattress-carrying rape protesters turned out on campuses across the country.

Yesterday, inspired by Emma Sulkowicz’s senior thesis project, Carry That Weight, Columbia students left 28 waterlogged mattresses on the doorstep of university president Lee Bollinger — one for every complainant in Columbia’s Title IX case. The action was one of approximately 130 similar protests that occurred yesterday around the globe as students, faculty, staff, and concerned citizens shouldered mattresses and pillows in solidary with survivors of sexual and domestic violence.

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Mallory Ortberg on the Great Jerks of Literature

A conversation with the author of Texts From Jane Eyre.

This is probably not something you can objectively quantify, but Mallory Ortberg might just be the most skilled spotter of jerks in the literary canon.

The co-founder of the Toast has her first book out next week — Texts From Jane Eyre (based on her Hairpin series), which imagines characters of classic literature communicating with cell phones. Stripped of their masterpiece dignity and library-copy musk, it's amazingly easy to see what these people would actually be like: a bunch of weirdos, losers, needy douchebags, obnoxious strivers. But in Ortberg's hands, they're also delightful.

She spoke with the Cut about texting flakiness, which literary character the Toast would be, and reading.

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The Weirdest, Sexiest Costumes on American Horror Story: Freak Show

Talking to the costume designer about designing clothes for women with three boobs, and so much more. 

American Horror Story's costume designer, Lou Eyrich, has worked with its creator, Ryan Murphy, since 1999 — and has been an integral part of creating the show's distinctly creepy feel on all of its seasons, from Asylum to super-fashion-conscious Coven to this season’s Freak Show.

“We’ve developed quite a shorthand," she says. "He'll just say something like, I want it like Catherine Deneuve in The Hunger. And I'll know exactly what he means. In my head, I'll know what he needs.” So when Murphy told her he wanted the mood for American Horror Story: Freak Show to be "old, faded Hollywood glamour," Eyrich knew just how to create the show's dreary, rundown costumes. “The overall inspiration was carnivals and circuses from the late-'40s into the early '50s,” she told the Cut by phone. “We did a ton of research on freaks, and watched tons of movies from the early '50s, like The Greatest Show on Earth  — we referenced that a lot, because we loved that Technicolor look.”

I couldn’t just run to the mall and purchase an outfit, you know? I had to really design for each freak." »

See M. Sharkey’s Poignant Portraits of Queer Youth

Now on view at the Stonewall National Museum.

Today marks the U.S. debut of “Queer Kids: Coming Out In America” — a collection of portraits of LGBT youth from across the country by New York–based photographer M. Sharkey. The exhibit, which will be on view through the beginning of January at the Stonewall National Museum in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, features large-scale photographs accompanied by interviews about the subjects’ identities and experiences. Since 2006, Sharkey has been traveling across the country and through parts of Belgium to photograph kids in their hometowns and speak with them about their experiences coming out. The Cut spoke with him about what’s changed since he started.

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Mattress-Carrying Rape Protesters Take Columbia by Storm

They left 28 mattresses on the university president's doorstep.

Hundreds of Columbia students darted across Amsterdam Avenue in the rain yesterday evening to stack 28 soggy mattresses at Columbia president Lee Bollinger's doorstep. (They left a little room in front of the door, so as not to create a fire hazard.)

"Presbo, Presbo, you can't hide ... Be the leader on our side," they chanted, as they taped a list of demands for how Columbia should reform its sexual-assault policies to the president’s door.

The action was one of approximately 130 similar protests taking place across the globe, from Hungary’s Central European University to Berkeley, to raise attention to the struggles of sexual-assault victims on campuses and beyond. The mattresses represented 28 complainants in Columbia’s Title IX case, and were inspired by Emma Sulkowicz’s senior thesis project, Carry That Weight. Giving an outlet to ongoing frustration among Columbia and Barnard students, as well as providing support for Sulkowicz, Wednesday's event had the tagline "Carrying the Weight Together."

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Miley Cyrus Wants to Sell You Hot-Pink Lipstick

Via her new collab with MAC.

Miley Cyrus, singer, actress, and repurposer of "junk and shit," is now creating makeup. She's working with MAC Cosmetics for its Viva Glam collection, and will launch an electric-pink lipstick and a matching glittery lip gloss. The makeup will debut in stores January 22 and all sales will help those who are living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

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Meet Sharaya J, Blue-Haired Style Rebel and Alexander Wang’s Rapper of Choice

The rapper and Missy Elliott protégé is bringing back the glory days of '90s female emcees.

From her bright-blue hair to her streetwear-inspired outfits, the up-and-coming rapper Sharaya J fits perfectly into the role of fashion muse. She first made waves with her single "Banji," released last year, and now she's found a patron in Alexander Wang. (The Hawaii-born, New Jersey–raised artist had an eclectic pre-fame résumé that included stints as a dancer in the Step Up franchise and as a screenwriter for the film The Real T.)

After attending Wang's show and both acting in and supplying the soundtrack for one of his T by Alexander Wang promotional videos, she was recruited to open for her mentor Missy Elliott at the party for Wang's H&M collaboration. The Cut talked with the 30-year-old rapper about getting discovered by Elliott, Wang's dance moves, and her drugstore secret to Technicolor hair. 

How did you meet Alex and get linked up with him? I know he previously used one of your songs in a promotional video.
It was actually wild, because my manager, she hit me up one day — randomly, in an email — and said, "Hey, Alexander Wang said that he wants to meet you. Why don't you come down to the showroom?" At first, I was like, "Girl, yeah right! Not Alexander Wang!" And she was like, "No, Alexander Wang." It blew my mind. She said he'd seen the "Banji" video, he loved my work, and he'd like to meet me. So can I come down to the showroom? And so I was like, [laughs], "Yeah, I can definitely head down there and meet him." When I met him, he came downstairs with the dopest energy, and was like, "Yo, I love your stuff." The thing he [said he] loved about it was it was just all talent. No smokescreen, no bells, no whistles. And just reminded him of something that musicians used to do, a time when it was like that. It blew my mind, but from that moment, we connected, and we've been in contact with each other ever since.

Banji is a "movement created to encourage people to embrace themselves wholeheartedly." »

Preview: The Incredible Jewelry, Furniture, and Art Available at Bunny Mellon’s Sotheby’s Auction

Over 2,000 items, mostly from her storied estate, Oak Spring Farm, in Upperville, Virginia.

The design world is in a tizzy right now: Rachel “Bunny” Mellon’s collection will be up for grabs at Sotheby’s beginning November 10 with her “Masterworks,” and continuing November 20 to 23, with over 2,000 items of furniture, silver, linens, and decorations, mostly from her storied estate, Oak Spring Farm, in Upperville, Virginia. Leafing through the four-volume catalogue is a treat, and the next best thing if you can’t afford to bid on her treasures.

Is This the Troll-Proof Social Network of Women’s Dreams?

VProud is making anonymous commenting woman-friendly.

Sometimes the internet feels cleanly divided into two parts. There’s the anonymous internet, filled with infinitely replicating 15-year-old boys eager to test boundaries with violent rape jokes — think Gamergate, 4chan, Reddit. Then there’s the not-anonymous internet, which contains your mom, your boss, your ex-boyfriend, your next boyfriend — where you worry about your Google results, and self-censor accordingly. Gone, it seems, is the small, pseudonymous internet — best exemplified for women my age by LiveJournal — where you could express yourself without the surveillance of authority figures, but still forge real connections with other real people and potential future IRL friends.

Without that kind of space, the internet can be a rough place. Last week, a Pew survey found that although men are more likely to be embarrassed or threatened online, women are more likely to experience the sustained online harassment, stalking, and sexual harassment that discourages people from commenting online. One way of dealing with this is to ask Twitter for better ways to block harassers (to make the anonymous internet a little safer) or Facebook for better privacy controls (to make the non-anonymous internet a little less public). But another way is to start your own social network with women in mind.

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A Simple and Sustainable Pendant Necklace


A delicate gold necklace is a good staple to have in your jewelry rotation. This one, by ethical accessories brand MADE, is a great choice: With its thin gold chain and simple pendant, it's a versatile piece you can wear over a sweater or dress this fall. And, best yet: It's handmade by a community of Kenyan artisans who, thanks to MADE, have a safe working environment, long-term job security, training, and education.

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Chris Benz Appointed to Top Spot at Bill Blass

He's been named creative director of the newly revived house.

Fans of classic American sportswear, rejoice: Not only is Bill Blass relaunching for spring 2016, but today Women's Wear Daily reports that designer Chris Benz has been appointed as creative director, effective immediately. Benz has been taking a break from the self-titled line he founded in 2007. The designer told WWD that he plans to focus on "what feels modern today ... taking advantage of social media and new platforms for personality connections with the customer." Said Blass president and CEO Stuart Goldblatt, "The whole idea was to bring in an American designer who understands the woman today and who is highly social, just as Mr. Blass was." Well, the chameleon-tressed Benz is certainly no shrinking violet.

Rihanna Wore Sparkling Tom Ford Nipple Pasties

To a charity gala.

Last night, Rihanna attended the amfAR Inspiration Gala in L.A. in an attempt to prove that sparkling confetti pasties can double as formalwear. Considering RiRi’s outspoken love of wearing bras in lieu of shirts, documented fondness for nipple pasties, and warmhearted appreciation of Tom Ford, it was really only a matter of time before she wore the polarizing gown from the designer’s spring 2015 collection. She accessorized her glittering cleavage with a pair of coordinating lavender sandals and sheer thigh-highs, as seen on the runway.

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Coco Rocha on What’s It’s Like to Do 1,000 Poses in 3 Days

Talking to the supermodel about the process of shooting her new book, Study of Pose.

When photographer Steven Sebring first brought up the idea of making an encyclopedia of 1,000 poses to Coco Rocha, he said it was an idea he’d had for a while — but he’d never found anyone capable of doing it. “That sounded like a challenge to me, and as I said, I love a challenge,” Rocha writes in the introduction to Study of Pose, the resulting book of 1,000 poses she modeled for Sebring over the course of three days, out this week from Harper Design.

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Mistakes I’ve Made While High on Taylor Swift

A partial list.

I’ve been cowering in my house since Monday, avoiding cars, bars, and coffee shops — anywhere the radio might be playing Taylor Swift’s freshly minted and fast-moving record 1989. It’s not that I don’t like her music. I just can’t let myself feel that hard, not again. I did some weird stuff after Speak Now; I took the message of Fearless too strongly to heart. I can’t tell you the number of questionable decisions that were made in the aftermath of the feelings-tsunami triggered by 2012’s Red. When you mainline pure, unfiltered Swift straight into your veins for days on end, things happen.

Embarked on a jaunty but ill-advised “tap shorts” phase, only to discover I do not have what the industry refers to as “a butt for tap.” »

8 Women Accuse Canadian Broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi of Sexual Abuse

Ugly stuff.

More unpleasant details have emerged in the case of Jian Ghomeshi, the iconic Canadian broadcaster who was fired from his CBC radio show "Q" this past Sunday. While details of his dismissal weren’t immediately clear, a Toronto Star article released Sunday night revealed that four women alleged that Ghomeshi was violent with them during or leading up to sex. Ghomeshi responded to the firing with a $50 million lawsuit against the CBC and a lengthy Facebook post about his proclivities for BDSM and the claim that the firing was based on a “moral judgment” about his personal sexual preferences.

Now four more women have come forward. »

Report: Hillary Clinton Is Getting Another Vogue Cover

It's been a long time since 1998.

Hillary Clinton might be about to get her first Vogue cover since 1998. The Daily News reports that Clinton and Anna Wintour were recently spotted “studying a rack of clothes” at Michael Kors’s midtown studio. It doesn’t take Einstein to infer that the clothes-rack studying could be in preparation for an upcoming photo shoot. Also present were Huma Abedin and a “huge bodyguard," both of whom hopefully steered her away from the scrunchie route.

Clinton previously appeared on a Vogue cover back in 1998, wearing a dress by Oscar de la Renta, with whom she had a longstanding friendship. There were reports that she was to reprise her cover stardom in 2007, after announcing her presidential candidacy, but backed out at the last minute. (Perhaps fearing being trashed by the likes of Politico for relying on the so-called "princess effect.")

Wintour didn’t seem to hold a grudge — in fact, she has indicated her interest in a sequel. Last year, at the opening of the de la Renta exhibit at the Clinton Foundation, she said, "All of us at Vogue look forward to putting on the cover the first female president of the United States.”

We reached out to a representative for Vogue, who had no further comment.

Watch This Visual Guide to Hip-Kid Slang

Learn your A-Bae-C's with i-D.

For all those who thought quiche referred to a heavenly egg pie instead of a person who is “hotter than hot,” this video from i-D is for you (and me).  For the latest installment of their "A-Z" series, the magazine enlisted a bunch of cool kids to break down the most au courant slang terms to make sure all of us are using bae, normcore, and turnt-up in non-embarrassing ways. Once you’ve mastered today’s slang terms, feel free to take the advanced course in '90s slang.

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