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Desperately Seeking Oprah

Searching for the elusive O at her biggest arena tour ever.

It’s 8:30 a.m. in Newark, New Jersey. I am bound for the church of Oprah, otherwise known as the Prudential Center.

This was the fourth stop on Oprah’s the Life You Want weekend tour — her biggest arena tour ever. In eight cities, she is offering fans two days of Oprah, including dancing, drinking, journaling, empowerment, enlightenment, an assortment of OWN-approved “trailblazers,” and a temporary merch city called O-Town. The tour is Oprah’s Biggest Dream, but it’s also the Biggest Dream of many attendees, who paid anywhere between $95 and $999 (plus the cost of travel and a hotel room) in order to be near her.

My own Oprah awareness is mostly ambient (I may have read The Secret); my mom, however, is a Fan.

“You’re WHERE?” she asks when I call from Newark to tell her where I am. “Okay,” she says. “Listen closely. If you meet Oprah, tell her you’re from Baltimore; your mom used to watch her on People Are Talking. She interviewed your brother Alexander when he was a little boy. She’ll remember. If you don’t see Oprah but you see Gayle, make sure you say hello. Tell her I watch her all the time. But, obviously, try for Oprah.”

“So, what are the chances of me meeting Oprah?” I ask the perky woman manning the press check-in desk.

Oooh, you see, Oprah is very busy,” she responds. “She’ll be onstage most of the day, so I doubt she’ll have time for any interaction outside of that meet and greet.” I ask if I can attend the meet and greet: “It took a ten-day security-clearance process for people who bought tickets. So, no.”  She hands me my Oprah journal and Oprah pen.

I’m determined to meet her. It feels like my destiny: to come to this House of Oprah and not find her physical form would be the ultimate failure. I have eight hours plus a press pass and am very sneaky. I will find Oprah. For moms everywhere, I will find Oprah at this Oprah weekend.

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A Pretty Day-to-Night Pump

Add a little Italian bombshell into your wardrobe.

When you think of classic Italian glamour, one name that pops up immediately is Gucci. While best known for their interlocking G's and horse-bit hardware, this sleek, sexy, and colorful heel has the same bombshell appeal. Made with color-blocked suede in shades of plum, fuchsia, and gold, it's the kind of sharp shoe you can wear with a pencil skirt and tucked-in blouse to the office. Come evening, undo a few buttons and let these heels carry you off into the night.

Gucci Color-Blocked Suede Pumps, $650 at Net-a-Porter.

More Than 20 Models Over the Age of 30 Walked the Runways This Season

And why not!

Despite child-labor regulations that protect models under the age of 18, youth is that perennial currency in fashion (an industry in which someone can achieve "seasoned" status, or even retire, by the age of 23). But this season, much to our delight, the runways were filled with beautiful, successful models over the age of 30. 

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  • Yesterday at 3:34 PM

A Cool Pink Bra That Benefits a Worthy Cause

Stella McCartney supports Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Today Stella McCartney has debuted a special pink bra (with matching briefs) in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. It's soft, feminine, and best of all, helps a good cause. A percentage of the profits will be donated to the Linda McCartney Centre in Liverpool, helping to build a new mammography suite. In honor of the occasion, Mert and Marcus photographed Kate Moss wearing the bra — and she doesn't look so bad in it, either.

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What Kind of Girl Reads Not That Kind of Girl?

White girls with glasses, it seems.

Lena Dunham's hotly anticipated memoir Not That Kind of Girl hit shelves less than 48 hours ago. It's exciting. People have been waiting for this for a while. I bet you've already bought it. (I absolutely already bought it.) I bet you've bought it, taken a reading selfie, and already posted it to Instagram, haven't you, sheeple? 

It's okay, the latest selfie trend, Woman With Lena Dunham's Memoir, is actually quite helpful in answering the question: What kind of girl is reading Not That Kind of Girl?

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Street-Style Awards: The 38 Best-Dressed People From PFW, Part 4

Today's face-off pits Stella McCartney against Céline.

Unlike most people who are stuck re-wearing the dredges of their suitcase at the end of a trip, the street-style stars are still churning out fantastic outfits as Paris Fashion Week comes to a close. While the last battle was over who wore Acne better, this time it turned into a face-off between Stella McCartney and Céline. Over in the Stella camp were Leaf Greener, Valentina Siragusa, and Natalie Joos, while Susie Lau, Yoon, and Gaia Repossi were staunchly for Phoebe Philo. Not to be outdone were the pregnant ladies like Miroslava Duma and Yasmin Sewell, who both opted to wear capes over their growing bellies. Click ahead to see who fared best in one of the last battles for Paris supremacy — and one person who, in 70-degree weather, decided to wear a giant fur coat.

How to Create a Dolce & Gabbana–Inspired Floral Chain

Not to be confused with a flower crown.

Dolce & Gabbana's spring 2014 hair look was the stuff that romantic Italian dreams are made of. The loose bun, threaded through with a floral chain, is exactly the type of hairdo you would want if you decided to embrace your pasta-eating destiny or needed the perfect look for an outdoor fall wedding filled with seasonal blooms. Christy Meisner, creator of Crowns by Christy, is on hand to show us how to create a homemade floral chain (not to be confused with the all-too-ubiquitous music-festival flower crown). Here's how.

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Ask Polly: My Friend Lost Weight and Now I Want Him. Am I Shallow?

Don't let a pop-culture fairy tale cloud your vision.

Dear Polly,

I have this guy friend, and he is without question one of the greatest men I've ever met in life. In the four years or so since we became friends he has been nothing but strong, smart, selfless, and surprisingly charismatic (the type that ALWAYS knows the perfect thing to say). Two years into this friendship, I got a haircut that was much much shorter than I had wanted, and I was FURIOUS about it. It made me feel silly and extremely insecure, and my female friends are the type that want me to feel pretty, but never ever prettier than they are. I asked him what he thought about it, and he said, “Well, it is short, and that’s weird, but I can see your face better.” Then he grabbed my hands and said, "You should never, ever, hide your face." These are the type of things I usually go bonkers for, and although he hadn’t yet declared his intentions, they seemed to be clear. Unfortunately (because without the caveat this would be too good to be true), I just didn’t find him attractive. Obese, didn’t care about how he dressed, not really a slob but not put together well. One of the last nights before he returned to law school, he asked me why we weren’t together, and because this was a friendship based on candor, I told him that I wasn’t attracted to him. I very easily could have said that the distance would be an issue (it would have been) or that I wasn’t ready for a serious relationship (I told everyone I wasn’t but would’ve abandoned that mantra for the right guy in a flash), but, for some reason, I wanted him to know the things that made him less than boyfriend material in my eyes. He laughed and said, "Good to know."

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Hedi Slimane Is Clearly Not a Fan of This YSL Perfume

And he'd like you to know he had nothing to do with it. 

Saint Laurent Paris creative director Hedi Slimane announced on the brand's Twitter account that he has absolutely nothing to do with YSL Beauté or, specifically, the brand's new fragrance, Black Opium. As first reported by WWD, the message reads:

"No creative direction has been given by Hedi Slimane." »

5 Things I Liked at Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday

Silk flowers, 3-D dresses, and more. 

Fashion month is officially over — and yesterday's shows were some of the biggest, and most theatrical, yet. Chanel staged a "feminist" rally, Alexander McQueen placed a giant white orchid on the center of the runway, and Iris van Herpen offered a 3-D take on self-protection. Here, my five favorite looks from yesterday's runways. 

1. This tweed look with colorful floral appliqués lining bare shoulders at Chanel.

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Carine Roitfeld’s Birthday Was the Biggest Party of Paris Fashion Week

Featuring Karl, Kim, and so many more.

Last night in Paris, Carine Roitfeld and Stephen Gan threw a party at the Peninsula to celebrate the launch of issue 5 of CR Fashion Book and, really, all things Carine. The event — which also commemorated her 60th birthday — was a sea of sheer: Ciara showed up in long sheer Givenchy sleeves, Miranda Kerr wore a translucent lace Pucci contraption, and Carine herself opted for a see-through black skirt. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian opted for a slightly toned-down version of the cleavage square she wore to close out Paris Fashion Week last fall, while Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley all showed up in jumpsuits. Click through the slideshow for these and more highlights from last night’s bash, including Justin Bieber, Karl Lagerfeld, Kendall Jenner, and more.

  • Yesterday at 11:30 AM

Advice From Italian Nutritionists: Eat Cookies for Breakfast

It's why Italian women don't get fat.

Even Italian models insist that eating alla italiana, complete with lots of pasta, helps keep them in shape. But do the experts agree? We spoke to three Italian nutritionists to find out how goodies like gelato, wine, and biscotti fit into plans to lose weight (or maintain it). Click ahead for their nine best tips — some answers may surprise you.

A (tiny) gelato is a reasonable snack ... »

North West’s Sweatpants Days Are Over

She wore head-to-toe leather on the flight back from Paris.

After an arduous week of front-row obligations and carefully coordinated outfits, Paris Fashion Week veterans Kim Kardashian and North West headed home today. Though she didn’t make it to yesterday’s Chanel show, Kim donned Karl Lagerfeld’s fall 2014 Swiss-cheese-inspired sweatsuit for the long flight home. North, who has to keep up appearances, opted for significantly less-comfy travel duds, arriving at Charles de Gaulle in head-to-toe black leather.

Taylor Swift: Too Busy Living Life for Boyfriends

Being a businessperson-singer. 

There is no inquiry that's quite such a nuisance as one that begins with "So" and ends with your nonexistent boyfriend. Taylor Swift (perfect, intentional, organized, just like us) is also plagued by these questions, only she has to answer them in British Vogue. But, praise her and shower her with flower petals: She has found a fantastic tactic sure to divert moms everywhere. 

Not dating? It's just a sensible business decision. It's responsible time management, she explains: 

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