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Broad City Gets Your Thrift-Store Struggle

A journey to broke and back again, all in a Beacon's Closet. 

In Broad City this week, television's best heroes braved through the terrible thrift-store shuffle: When you sell your stuff for less than it's worth, you see it encased on a shelf and blessed by a hypercool professional clothes judge, and then you must immediately buy it back for its marked-up price. It's a pain worthy of a Joni Mitchell song. It's the journey to broke and back again. 

Kanye’s Populist Designs Won’t Come With Populist Price Tags

A coat could set you back $3,800.

"This isn't about elitism, this isn't about separatism," Kanye West said in the publicity ramp-up to his Adidas show last month. "This is about as many people being involved with this vision as possible." In a post-show interview with, he continued to hit the egalitarian note hard, calling himself "the Robin Hood of fashion," and adding, "We’ll eventually get [the pieces] super-inexpensive. And it will be all about everyone having them." Perhaps that may happen eventually, but according to Highsnobiety, the collection will be far from super-inexpensive. You might even call it super-expensive. 

Here's the price breakdown. »

Karl, Kimye, and Jared Leto Partied in Paris

Plus: Solange, Kendall Jenner, and more pictures from the biggest parties at Paris Fashion Week.

PARIS— Paris Fashion Week doesn’t exactly have a central hub — designers choose to show in various venues all over the city — but take a stroll down Saint-Honoré, as I did yesterday, and you’ll see a lot of action. My first stop was Hôtel Costes for the presentation of Parisian designer Raphaëlla Riboud’s new collection. Riboud makes luxurious sleepwear in the form of silk pajamas — the kind it’s okay to leave the house in — and this season she’s expanded her line to include lingerie. She presented soft-cup silk bras and matching underwear in vibrant colors, as well as the finest silk-blend basic briefs. “I thought there was room in the market for lingerie that was sensual, but also comfortable,” she told the Cut. Indeed. Who would argue with that?

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Of Bikers, Balmain, and Elbaz

The humanism of Lanvin was a striking contrast to the celebrity-worship at Balmain.

I’ve been getting around Paris on a motorcycle, a big Honda driven by a man named Olivier Santoni-Cosquer, whose company often ferries models to the shows. It’s like driving with the top down. You see the sky, the silhouettes of the buildings, the trees along the Seine. There was a full moon last night as we came down the avenue from the Rick Owens show, its beams showering the Louvre. I just sat there grinning. The city I’ve known for 30 years suddenly looked different.

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A Graffiti Artist Has Tagged the N-Word Onto A.P.C.’s Paris Storefront

In an apparent response to designer Jean Touitou's racially charged comments.

A.P.C. designer Jean Touitou may have formally apologized for the comments he made during his menswear presentation in January, which included multiple uses of the N-word, but at least one person is not satisfied with said apology. That would be the anonymous French street artist Kidult, who posted images to his Instagram of tags he apparently did on one of the brand's Paris storefronts, accompanied by hashtags like #whiteprivilege and #fashionweak. The N-word is sprayed on the front of the store, while a stenciled sign on the side of the store says "Colored Entrance Only." Kidult has previously tagged stores like Chanel and Louis Vuitton with anti-consumerism messages. We've reached out to Kidult and to A.P.C. for their comments and will update this when we hear back.

What Made This the Winter of the Canada Goose?

The jacket, not the animal. 

“Have people always had ‘Canadian’ labels on their winter coats?” my sister asked me one morning in January. “Or is Canada just engaging in a really good branding exercise?”

The answer, of course, isn’t that Canada the country is doing an excellent job feathering its own nest, but rather that Canada Goose, the manufacturer of recently everywhere puffer coats, is. The winter of 2015, currently best known for having the third-coldest February in New York City history (a bronze medal that, like all bronze medals, doesn’t feel like it adequately rewards the extreme pain it took to get to the podium), should instead be remembered as the Winter of Canada Goose. All of a sudden, it seemed, they were everywhere, with the bright red, white, and blue label making them easy to catalogue and difficult to ignore. Four in my subway car last night. Three spotted on the five-minute walk to my station this morning. They’re North Face jackets that have grown up and moved to the big city from the suburbs. (Or gone off to an Ivy League college.) 

Except they're more expensive. »

Seen in Paris: Gilded Faces and Kendall Jenner

Plus: Surrealist face paint, dismembered mannequins, and a Brant brother. 

So far at Paris Fashion Week, we’ve seen leather bags shaped like boobs, topless runway models, and two dramatic platinum dye jobs. The Cut’s Landon Nordeman has been on hand to document the week’s behind-the-scenes highlights as well, from the gold gilded faces at Rick Owens and Surrealist face paint at Jacquemus to the crew of photographers decked out in matching white robes at A.F. Vandevorst.

Click through the slideshow for a look at these and other moments from the first days of Paris Fashion Week — including Kendall Jenner at Balmain, Grace Coddington at Dries Van Noten, and a bedazzled Brant brother. 

Kelly Rowland Endured the World’s Most Uncomfortable Jumpsuit

She's a survivor.

Kelly Rowland showed up at Barbara Bui’s Paris Fashion Week show in what is probably the most uncomfortable garment of all time: the full-length leather jumpsuit. She looked great, of course, but it combines all the worst elements of clothing: inconvenience (how will you use the bathroom quickly?), lack of breathability (so much sweat), and an overall tactile resemblance to those suits wrestlers wear when they want to make weight. We hope you are okay, Kelly, and for enduring a sweaty, peeless day, we tip our hats to your noble self-sacrifice in the name of fashions.

Justin Bieber Doesn’t Get Instagram at All

Unflattering angles! Eagerly corrective captions! It's all bonkers in there! 

Justin Bieber, confused new grown-up, posted a photograph to Instagram with a misleading angle. As one does. But Bieber’s soul is an honest one in this sea of visual deception. He couldn’t stand silently while this specious photograph fooled innocent onlookers. They might mindlessly believe this image. They might uncritically see a paunch where a paunch was not. So helpful Bieber helpfully wrote: “Great birthday [CROWN EMOJI] and I'm not fat it's the angle.” Just delivering righteous words to this deceptive medium of photography. Just speaking truth to power.

  • Today at 9:47 AM

Report: Indiana Jones’s Hatmaker Is on the Brink of Bankruptcy

Borsalino has been in business for 150 years.

Borsalino, the 150-year-old high-end hat company whose wares have graced the heads of Humphrey Bogart, Jean-Paul Belmondo, and, more recently, Pharrell Williams, is said to be headed for bankruptcy, according to a Quartz report. The site quotes the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, which says that the company's board is "evaluating different options to combat the financial difficulties and enable the company to continue its activity."

Since being founded by Giuseppe Borsalino in 1857, Borsalino has dressed many a natty gent — including onscreen, in perhaps its most notable appearance on Indiana Jones. However, in recent years it has been hurt both by decreased sales and by its majority investor, a German company whose chief has been charged with fraud and tax evasion. The report claims that the company has filed for the Italian equivalent of Chapter 11.

How Being Around the Magic Mike XXL Hunks Made Jada Pinkett Smith Feel Bad for Men

Magic Mike XXL gave her insight into the mind of a dude. 

"I've done this show for a while and this is the hottest interview I've done," says Seth Meyers to Jada Pinkett Smith after she explains how being on the set of Magic Mike XXL made her understand the mind of a dude 24/7 (too much stimulation!), and why watching her husband Will Smith's sex scenes is actually pretty sexy. So why isn't Will Smith making a cameo in Magic Mike XXL? Do it for your wife, Will. 

This Is Spring’s Best New Lipstick


Regardless of your feelings about Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow once gave this advice: "Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick." And spring's best kick-ass lipstick is the ultraglamorous new lipstick Chanel Rouge Coco. It combines the best parts of a lip gloss, lipstick, and lip balm to create a fancy French Frankenstick. It is all these things at once: weightless, non-sticky, moisturizing, non-greasy, and non-gloppy. It gives you great color payoff with a slight touch of shine, just enough to make your lips look richer and fuller, but not Kylie Jenner–level full. Each of the shades is named after a significant person in Coco Chanel's life, giving you 29 ways to shake off of the winter-blah, chapped-lip doldrums. 

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Is This the Secret to Mess-Free Period Sex?

Boning while wearing a menstrual cup: an experiment.

There is nothing I love more than a bonkers analogy — especially when it involves sex — so I was pretty pleased with my semantic skills a few years back when I once whispered to a friend I had been publicly, drunkenly making out with at a bar: “We can’t hook up tonight, the game is rained out.”

“What? What game?” he replied. In his defense, it was raining outside.

“You know … the game.” I tried briefly to elaborate on my chosen imagery (“My vagina is a baseball diamond …?”) before giving up and telling him I was on my period.

Jason didn’t skip a single beat. “So? I’ve had girlfriends before. It’s not a big deal. Be an adult.” I ultimately was an adult (after much coaxing), but not without a lot of panicked giggling.

Since Jason, a few years have passed and I have grown up considerably. »

20 Suede Pieces You’ll Want to Wear All Spring

Things are looking bright. 

Suede was all over the spring runways. In colors like lilac, forest green, and rose, we saw it at Derek Lam, Gucci, and Loewe to name a few. And now that it's actually (well, almost) spring, other brands are rolling out their own lightweight suede pieces that you can incorporate into your wardrobe now and well into spring. You can go with '70s-inspired Gianvito Rossi striped mules, opt for boho with a fringed wine-colored bag available at Nasty Gal, or play up your minimalist side with Theory's sleek navy dress. Or, if you really want to wear something right now, both Toga and Stuart Weitzman offer boot options for the lingering cold weather. Click through our slideshow below to see all of these options and more.

Harper Lee Still Writes a Vicious Reply

A short note to a pesky journalist.

After Alabama journalist Connor Sheets received several firm rejections from Harper Lee’s lawyer and publisher, he finally wrote to Lee herself. With obvious tact and courtesy, he inquired whether Lee believed that she was, in fact, lucid.

Rather than sending him a completed crossword puzzle or some such thing, Lee wrote an efficient missive telling the reporter to slide the hell out of her business. In her perfect selection of words, she wrote:

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